Search Process


As your organization’s retained executive search partner, Robert Stevens CFA will work with you to bring about discreet and effective dialogue with qualified candidates. The process we undertake involves:

  • A review of your organizational culture and hiring priorities, defining your needs and developing a profile of the ideal candidate,
  • Extensive research using our contacts in the investment industry, our comprehensive databases, and our network of focused research resources,
  • A thorough recruiting effort based on a tailored search strategy to contact, interview and evaluate prospective candidates.

  • Presentation of the most qualified candidates, supported by our analysis, with individual profiles detailing employment history, educational background and other pertinent information relating to each candidate’s qualifications, and
  • Coordination of client interviews as well as consultation throughout the interview, reference checking, and negotiation process to facilitate your hiring of the best candidate.

When we undertake a search, the first step is to learn the client’s investment style, current and proposed product line, marketing and performance goals, and organizational design, all relevant to the position. With a well-developed understanding of the client team and the search position, we then prepare a position description for client review and commence the search.