Edward Bedrosian, CFA
Merganser Capital

“Douglas-Allen, Inc. knows the money management field and took the time to understand our needs as an organization operating within it. The credibility of their work is evident in the quality of the candidates they have presented to us.”

John Danello
Managing Director
Freedom Capital
Management -Tucker
Anthony, Inc.

“Bob Stevens is one of us. A CFA and schooled in the investment management business, he is able to discern the employer’s needs and comprehend the psyche of money management candidates. That is why Douglas-Allen, Inc. has earned a reputation for successfully matching money management professionals with the unique demands of investment management firms.”

Michael Vogelzang, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
Boston Advisors, Inc.

“As a former candidate, I believe Douglas-Allen, Inc. is a breed apart from the rest of the search and selection field. Bob Stevens took the time to learn my strengths. It helped tremendously to have good counsel from Douglas-Allen, Inc.”

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…additional testimonials by investment professionals can be viewed on Mr. Stevens’ LinkedIn profile.